Nutriera integrated technical solutions for aquafeed enterprises

  • 1

    Product positioning

    - Accurate feed positioning according to 3C principle (customer, competitor, company).
    - Suitable positioning for sustainable development.

  • 2

    Feed formulation

    - Practical formula with balanced nutrition.
    - Scientific improved formula with the changing markets.

  • 3

    Quality control

    - Quality standards for raw materials and feed products.
    - Quality management system for aquafeed.

  • 4

    Feed processing

    - Improve the capacity and productivity of equipment.
    - Processing technology combines with new formulation technology.

  • 5

    Technical-sale system

    - Analysis of market and customer.
    - Customer service + feed marketing.

  • 6

    Farming technology

    - Technical services for the farming.
    - Farm-care products for sustainable successful farming.

  • 7

    Training & consulting

    - Technical training.
    - Team building.

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Integrated solutions for laboratory of feed enterprises

Consensus of value

♦ Quality assurance

♦ Marketing value

♦ Management value

Infrastructure construction

Ⅰ Demand interviews

Ⅱ Graphic design

Ⅲ Design scheme

Ⅳ Construction

Ⅴ Laboratory debugging

Skill improvement

♦ Laboratory standard operating procedures (SOP)

♦ New detection technology promotion

♦ Analysis of quality control

♦ Quick detection instrument introduction

♦ Personnel on-site training

Management improvement

♦ Management system training of 5S

♦ Training for team building

♦ Quality and safety management guidelines

Solutions for marketing services of feeds

If any problems happen in the process of feed, fry, breeding technology, management and disease control will result in the failure of farming. However, margins are the ultimate goal for farmers, which is predominant force for healthy and sustainable development of feed enterprises. Feed enterprises are supposed to provide not only good quality feeds, but also solutions for the whole farming period. High-quality farmers are eager for good services. Good feeds is not equal to good selling, and good selling is not equal to good performance. Service can create value for clients and marketing can spread the value of enterprise. This core contradictions can be solved by Nutriera through its understanding about marketing and building marketing service system.

◈ Farming service process

◈ Customer classification service and resource matching process

◈ Process of developing quality customers and providing service

◈ Service process management

◈ Standard and establish process of flag customers

◈ Regional marketing strategy for aqua feeds

◈ Management and processing of farming crisis

◈ Strategy for different proportion market

◈ Merchants and summit forum process










Aquaculture farming technical services program

Our marketing team who have extensive experience in farming can provide thorough service solutions for farming practices of over 70 cultured species worldwide, aiming to reduce production cost, improve efficiency and promote the green & sustainable development of aquaculture industry. The solutions are as following.

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