Symposium of World's Chinese Scientists on Nutrition and Feeding of Finfish and Shellfish


World’s Chinese Scientists on Nutrition and Feeding of Finfish and Shellfish (WCSNFFS) is a theme conference on aquatic animal nutrition and feeding for the world’s Chinese hosted by aquatic animal nutrition and feed professional committee of China Society of Fisheries. WCSNFFS is initiated at Guangzhou in 1992 by Professor Linding from Zhongshan University and Dr. Zhuang from Taiwan for the first symposium and have been successfully held for 8 sessions. The following symposia were jointly hosted by Ocean University of China, Xiamen University, Shanghai Ocean University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Jimei University, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of sciences, The Chinese academy of agricultural science institute of feed, Chinese cereals and oil association feed branch and other universities and scientific research institutes at respectively Qingdao in 1995, Shanghai in 1998, Wuhan in 2001, Zhuhai in 2004, Tsingdao in 2006, Beijing in 2008 and Chengdu in 2011. Since 2010, frequency of once every three years is reformed into once every two years. And WCSNFFS and International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding (ISFNF) take turns to hold symposium with WCSNFFS in single year and ISFNF in dual year. Up to date, WCSNFFS have become a major event for the Chinese Fish and Shrimp Nutrition in worldwide. It offers a communication platform for the academics and the business industry which makes a contribution to the improvement of aquatic feed technology, to R&D of Industry Liaison, to the sustainable healthy growth of aquatic feed industry.




Date and Location


2nd – 5th Nov. 1992, Guangzhou

(1) Nutrition demand and feed of fish and shrimp
(2) The exploitation of fish and shrimp feed resource and assessment of feed nutrition
(3) The R&D and utilization of feed additive of fish and shrimp
(4) Nutrition physiology of fish and shrimp
(5) Relevance of farming water environment and utilization of fish and shrimp feed

23rd – 25th Oct. 1995, Tsingdao  

(1) Fish nutrition
(2) Shrimp nutrition

16th – 18th Sep. 1998, Shanghai

(1) Fish and shrimp nutrition
(2) R&D of feed
(3) Exploitation of feed additive

17th – 20th Sep. 2001, Wuhan

(1) Nutrition requirement
(2) Nutrient metabolism
(3) Energy metabolism and growth
(4) Alternative protein source
(5) Fat source and additive
(6) Nutrition of broodstock and larvae
(7) Nutrition and water environment protection
(8) Nutritional immunity
(9) Research method of aquatic animal nutrition
(10) Feed formulation
(11) Feed assessment and processing.

5th – 9th Sep. 2004, Zhuhai   

(1) Nutrition demand and utilization
(2) Nutrition and human health
(3) Nutrition and environment
(4) Source of protein and fat.
(5) Nutrition of broodstock and larvae 
(6) R&D methods for aquatic animal nutrition
(7) Feed safety, additive and its processing technology

5th – 9th Sep. 2006, Tsingdao 

(1) Nutrition requirement and physiological metabolism
(2) Nutrition and safety of aquatic products
(3) Nutrition and water environment
(4) Research and development of feed ingredients.
(5) Research and development of feed additive
(6) Feed processing and feeding technology
(7) Nutrition of broodstock and fish larvae

(8) Research method of aquatic animal nutrition and feed science

20th-24th Sep. 2008, Beijing   

(1) Protein, amino acid and alternative protein sources
(2) Energy/protein ratio, energy metabolism and carbohydrate
(3) Fat, fatty acid and alternative fat
(4) Vitamin, inorganic salt nutrition
(5) Breeding, nutrition and feed of fish larvae

(6) Nutrition, health and environment
(7) Feed processing and feeding management
(8) Quality and food safety
(9) Molecular nutrition
(10) Technology innovation forum of feed enterprise

6th -10th Sep. 2011, Chengdu

(1) Protein, amino acid and alternative protein sources
(2) Saccharide nutrition
(3) Fat nutrition
(4) Vitamin, mineral nutrition
(5) Nutrition, health and environment
(6) Quality and safety of aquatic product
(7) Feed processing technology and management
(8) Breeding, fish larvae nutrition and feed

12th-16th Nov. 2013, Xiamen

(1) Protein nutrition
(2) Lipid nutrition
(3) Carbohydrate nutrition
(4) Vitamin and mineral nutrition
(5) Animal welfare and nutrition
(6) Aquatic product safety and quality control
(7) Feed quality control and processing technology
(8) Nutrition in breading and larvae stage
(9) Feed additive
(10) Nutrition strategy of low-carbon farming

22nd-26th Oct.2015, Wuhan

(1) Nutrition requirements and nutrient utilization
(2) Protein source utilization
(3) Energy source utilization
(4) Feed additive and animal health
(5) Environment and product quality
(6) Feeding and regulation
(7) Aquafeed and application
(8) Larvae nutrition and additive
(9) Nutrition and gene regulation

23rd-26th Oct. 2017, Huzhou

(1) Nutrient physiology and metabolic regulation
(2) Nutritional immunity and gut health
(3) Nutrient requirement and ingredient utilization
(4) New technology in aquatic nutrition research
(5) Environment, feeding and products quality
(6) Technology application in aquaculture nutrition

14th-18th Oct. 2019, Zhengzhou

(1) Nutrition demand and ingredient application

(2) Nutritional physiology and metabolic regulation

(3) Intestinal microecology and health

(4) Nutrition and environment

(5) Functional feed

(6) Safety and quality control of aquatic products

(7) Feed processing, feeding and intellectualization


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