Eagle flies in the sky without applause.

Grass grows up without solicitude.

Flowers in remote mountains bloom without appreciation. Aquaculture industry was so lonely and unknow in the past!

However, Cargill has fully taken over Norwegian aqua feed company EWOS at the amount of 1.5 billion USD in 2015. DBN declared to invest 2 billion RMB in aquaculture technology. KKR invested 100 million US dollars in Yuehai aquatic feed. The calm aquaculture industry seems to become full of charm suddenly.

All of this just because aquaculture is an important part of global food safety and security. Aquaculture is the most efficient way of producing animal protein and aquatic food is more healthy and nutritious dietary supplement.

When people begin to be aware of aquaculture, there is such an elite team of aquaculture who have been devoting to the global aquaculture silently for years.

We have made every effort to let Chinese aquaculture move towards the world and let the world fishery benefit from China.

We will keep on exploring, striving and forging ahead with patriotic ambition. Nutriera, let the world aquaculture hear the voice from China.

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