Global Recruitment of Nutriera Group

Global Recruitment of Nutriera Group

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  • Aquaculture Technical Engineer for Overseas regions

    Academic requirements:

    Master degree



    Recruitment Deadline:

    2019-05-28 - 2019-07-28


    Job Requirements:

    1) Good behavior and good mind.  Strong sense of responsibility, learning ability, summary ability and self-motivation.

    2) Master graduates of aquatic animal nutrition, international trade, international logistics and some other related majors.

    3) Excellent English skills is a must.

    4) Experience in aquatic feed formulation and feed technology service is preferable.  

    Working location:

    Asia, the Middle-east, Africa and some other regions

    Job responsibilities:

    Mainly in charge of the technical service and marketing promotion for aquatic premix & additives, special raw materials and aquatic probiotics for international markets.

    Salary and welfare:

    We provide the most competitive salary in aquaculture industry. Staff can enjoy the special annual salary, income and attractive bonus. 

    Interested parties can send their resume to the mailbox
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