Big News: Nutriera and Dynaqua were selected as the 60-year honorary brands of China Fisheries and won 2 grand awards
PubDate:2018-10-15 Author: Sources: Views:776

On 11th-12th October 2018, the 60th Anniversary Review and 2018 China Fisheries Annual Conference was organized and grandly held in Beijing of China by China Fisheries Magazine under the guidance of the Ministry of Agricultural, Rural Fisheries Bureau and the General Station of Aquatic Technology Promotion. The 60-year honorary brands of China launch event was also held at the same period, Nutriera and Dynaqua were selected into the China Fisheries Alliance Brands and were rewarded 2 major prizes. Among which, Guangzhou Nutriera Biotechnology Co., Ltd won the reward of Chinese Aquaculture Industry Pioneered Enterprise and Guangzhou Dynaqua Biotechnology Co., Ltd was rewarded as the Trustworthy Animal Health Brand of Chinese Aquaculture.

Total more than 400 people have attended this event which including related leaders from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affair, several academicians, experts and senior executives of enterprises. The conference focused on the 60-year development history and prospects of China Fisheries, the latest frontier theory, technology, finance, internet, and media of China Fisheries as well as the theory and practice of related aquaculture industry. On the other hand, in-depth discussion towards the development of China Fisheries, the consumption demand of Fisheries and the new trend of Fisheries Industry of the new era have been carried out, which attracted the attention from lots of famous magazines and medias related to aquaculture. They competed to report to let the green, environmental and healthy aquaculture enter into thousands of families. 

The launch event of honorary brand was initiated by the highest official organization of China Fisheries. It was selected and evaluated by several academicians and authoritative experts from National Agriculture Rural Department and the Committee of Aquaculture Industry System. It is an essential reward for the whole aquaculture industry, which has the most extensive industrial foundation & authoritative and mainly rewards for the enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding achievements for Chinese aquaculture industry. The award of Chinese Aquaculture Industry Pioneered Enterprise for Nutriera is one of the most valuable single awards. There are only 4 of the many excellent enterprises in Chinese Aquaculture Industry on the list.

The conference specially invited Academician Tang Qisheng, Academician Gui Jianfang and Academician Bao Zhenmin to make the reports, which accordingly entitled The Development Achievement and the Green Future of China Fisheries, The Strategy Direction of Green Development for China Aquaculture and Innovation Drives the Development for Scallop Industry.

Chairman Wei Baozhen, Chairman Ge Xianping, Chairman He Jianguo, Institute Director Xu Hao, Academician Xue Changhu, Professor Ye Yuantu and some other top experts of aquaculture industry have also presented to make wonderful speeches at the stage. Vice president of Nutriera Group Dr. Zhang Song was invited to share the report called The Development Strategy of Functional Aqua Feeds with Strong Environmental Protection Policies. He systematically introduced the current development situation and aquatic functional feeds in China and proposed some effective solutions for the development of functional feeds for Chinese aqua feed enterprises. What’s more, Dr. Zhang Song also displayed some successful cases of several aqua functional feeds in different regions, which gained highly recognition from all the participants. 

Guangdong Nutriera Group has always been adhering the breeding concept of safe, green and healthy and committing to the developing of frontier technologies and products, and make relevant contributions to promote the operation transformation of aqua feed enterprises as well as the healthy development of aquaculture industry.