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Zhuhai Dynaqua Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Expert of integrated aqua-nutrition regulation & water quality improvement.
Zhuhai Dynaqua Biotechnology Co., Ltd is one of the core subsidiaries of Guangdong Nutriera Group. It is a high-tech, service-oriented enterprise specializing in R&D, production and technology promotion of aquatic farm care products. With a clear international market strategy, strong product technology and first-class service strength, Dynaqua has achieved rapid development. At present, the products have covered 26 provinces of China, and exported to more than 10 countries such as India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam. In addition, Dynaqua has established close cooperation with more than 200 excellent feed enterprises in China and abroad.

The rapid development of Dynaqua has been highly recognized by customers and aquaculture industry. It has gained many awards, including "High-Growth Enterprise 2017", "The Most Outstanding High-Growth Enterprise in China's Aqua Animal Health Industry", "Annual Significant Aquatic Animal Health Enterprise 2018", "Annual Significant Aquatic Animal Health Enterprise 2019" and "The Trustworthy Animal Health Brand of Chinese Aquaculture" respectively. In addition, it was selected as "Vice-president Unit of Aquatic Animal Health Branch of China Fisheries Association" by a unanimous vote in November 2018 as well as being appraised by China Fisheries Association as the Advanced Unit in 2019. 


In the future, Dynaqua will vigorously promote the internationalization, optimize product structures and strive to create the best service teams, so as to promote the sustainable healthy aquaculture and help the aquaculture industry become more and more prosperous.

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